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Friday, February 17, 2017

2:10 pm mst          Comments


I have never cried over a cabinet confirmation vote before. I've been angry, even furious, but I've never cried... until the US Senate voted to confirm Scott Pruitt as the head of the Environmental Protection Agency today. This is a deliberate and aggressive move to end all protections for Mother Earth. I'll take it a step further: it's a consent to legalize and even encourage aggressive new raids to rape and pillage our Mother Earth in order to profit more. Today, I sobbed when I learned that a majority of greedy senators said, "Aye.” Translation: Take away all the protections and let mega-corporations kill our Mother!

What motivates this kind of egregious attack on the one and only agency charged with safeguarding our source of all sustenance? Maybe instead of trying to wander around in the heads of a bunch of greedy $Senators$ trying to understand their thinking, we should take a cue from what’s been going on in our culture (both in art and in reality) for some time, and call this what it is: THIS IS A ZOMBIE ATTACK BY GREED ADDICTS! There is no logical thinking behind this, there is no understanding the minds of these folks, this is an addiction that causes those who are being consumed by it to ultimately abandon all humanity.

Anyone who has ever known an addict has likely witnessed the deterioration of that addict's very personhood. The process may be slow enough to encourage confusion and an inability to see the escalating scope of it, but at some point, the disease becomes so pronounced that there is no way we can fail to recognize it. It seems to me that we citizens who have not become infected by the disease are now like the parents, family, friends, or neighbors of addicts. We have been unaware or in denial about the severity and the escalation of the addiction going on in our communities, even our homes. And then one day, as in countless books and films of late, we suddenly open the door to see a total stranger, a monster wearing the clothes of someone we once knew—but that someone is now inhabited by a perverse and terrifying zombie drive that will stop at nothing to get one more greed-high, devouring or destroying everything in the process. These zombie-addicts that we still want to believe are human, people we once revered and trusted, these addicts who are now stealing from us, endangering us, in charge of our precious resources—these greed-mongering zombie-addicts now inhabit and dominate the government! We have watched them with outrage for weeks now, as they increasingly dropped all pretense of ethics and morality and began to aggressively eliminate all barriers once safekeeping our democracy in favor of feeding their greed habit.

Today, we look at a majority of our representatives in congress, and even the White House, and we see many of them transformed into salivating monsters, eager to grab/devour/dominate all they can, no matter the end result for the rest of us. I would say that our country desperately needs an intervention, but today I believe we are under zombie attack and we may be well beyond that point. Every day that we refuse to see what is really happening, every day that we delay taking action, every day that we try to deny this overwhelming realization that we have given the keys to our country to zombie-greed-addicts, we allow the epidemic to spread. Now that the zombies have removed all restrictions to devouring the Earth, we may not have anywhere safe to go.

Meanwhile, apart from all the Twitter feeds and news reports and Facebook posts, Our Mother—who has been trying to communicate with us via the effects of Climate Change for decades—now presents us with what perhaps might be a more immediate, graphic symbol to break through our denial and help us see what is happening. She offers us a mirror that echoes what is going on in our government, our culture. Have you seen it? Did you get Her message? Perhaps, in the midst of all the chaos, you missed the metaphor. If you did, I ask you now to consider the Oroville Dam and think about that eroded spillway and the danger that awaits the innocent countryside and its citizens beneath it and far beyond it. Here is a symbol that is hard to misunderstand. Our Mother speaks to us through the magnificence and power of nature, and when we listen to Her, when we watch for Her messages, they are really hard to miss. The Oroville Dam crisis is Nature speaking to us not only literally, but in a terrifying foreshadowing story line. Here, our Mother shows us that when we allow the forces of disease/destruction to erode that which protects the people, the environment, our values... when we ignore the disastrous effects of allowing our morality and our ethics to deteriorate unchecked... well, don’t think just sticking a finger in the dam is going to stop the flood. Today, the US Senate just voted to make it rain, and there is precious little high enough ground remaining for any of us to be safe.

2:08 pm mst          Comments

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